Background, Bridges and Bard

As an actor, I am an interpreter and connector, bringing life to other people's words (and sometimes my own). Growing up in Scotland with an Austrian mother and English father - loving parents of rather different temperaments as well as cultures - I learnt about some wonderful bridges: bridges which connect people, thoughts and emotions to reach understanding. Beautifully, acting is a bridge of understanding that comes with entertainment!

It's easy to see entertainment in a fine production. Beyond that lies the joy of being able to explore, to use my brain, experience, and ability to express and take direction within the preparation of performances.
I find wonderfully rich rewards in working with others, interpreting scripts - classical and new - and embodying roles: fleshing out the words of writers and creating that bridge which brings their imaginations to those of the audience, connecting us all.

I have had the privilege of working with directors, writers, casts and companies that add to re-imaginings of ancient and classical works, produce new plays and films, and create audio worlds for listeners, all while working in Edinburgh, wider afield in the UK and touring abroad.

You can find more information about my training and past work on the Danielle Farrow, Actress - CV page.

Along with the mixed influences of my childhood, I also draw great inspiration from the perennially open-to-interpretation works of 'The Bard of Avon'. There is just no way I can talk about myself as an actor without mentioning Shakespeare!

I love how working well with Shakespeare's texts develops everything we actors need to hone our skills:

          Breath, delivery, physicalisation, humanity and connection of brain and gut;
          Understanding of thought, rhythm, words, emotion and incredible description;
          Research, experimentation, listening, dexterity and readiness to play...

These are just a few of the elements that go into expressing his brilliant writing*, elements which then feed into acting in general. When I sink my teeth into Shakespeare's text, I feel I'm at a very fine feast indeed, and joy in sharing it!

To anyone interested in talking about acting / acting Shakespeare: get in touch!

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* For more, see this take on Shakespeare and actors' craft from performer & coach Robert Myles.
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