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"I found myself drawn into the story and gripped by its emotion, carried off most of all by Danielle Farrow’s
portrayal of the protagonist, Jay ... a volatile, powerful, larger than life character who is humanised by
Farrow’s expansively emotional delivery" The Fountain - Eris Young

"Kate, played by the extremely talented Danielle Farrow, was the head of the team and her performance
throughout really impressed" STAGE TIME PROMOTIONS - John McIntyre

"Danielle Farrow is excellent as The Woman... [She also plays] the star of the show... a deep red dress with
gold lace trims and highlights. Farrow’s success is that she makes you believe that this is the sort of dress
which transforms the person who puts it on. They don’t so much wear it, as it is the dress which wears them,
a skin that has its own entity and just needs flesh and bones over which to settle."
"Farrow is a highlight... as she flits between the sweat-
drenched wiles of the mistress and the cowed nervousness
of the wife. Whether moving hypnotically in a dance of
seduction as one, or twitchily evading the therapist’s
questions as the other, her versatile performance is
unstrained and engrossing." [She is also] "the most
powerful character  in this provocatively sensual and
compelling new work - The Dress itself." 

"Performances are equally controlled and impressive, with the 9-strong cast demonstrating great ability to
portray nuances of emotion and inner motivation. Particularly strong are [Marion] Shortt herself and Danielle
Farrow in the ‘Sisters’ thread, with Shortt’s clipped and frustration-borne performance as a member of the
ground staff contrasting with Farrow’s wide-eyed and childlike portrayal of her psychologically-damaged
sibling. This piece is the core of In Transit and is written and performed excellently, resulting in a moving and
memorable backbone to the whole production."  EDINBURGH SPOTLIGHT

"Farrow’s transition between innocent housewife and whore was both engaging and comical, bouncing off
[Andrew] Henry’s hapless Doctor and sleazy husband."  TVBOMB - Jenni Gould

"A beautiful performance and I really enjoyed the piece. Danielle captured the words and character(s) so
well, made them her own and she has such a great presence on stage.
So glad I made it along." Andrew Corelli, Director, Siege Perilous
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