“Danielle is a fine actress and a lot of fun to work with.”
Nancy Bishop, Nancy Bishop Casting

"Danielle has worked with me on a short and a feature*. She is a bright,
talented actor, a true professional and a pleasure to direct."
David Hutchison, Film Maker, Eyedoll Productions
  [*Now 2 features and various shorts]

"Danielle Farrow is an extraordinary actor who is genuinely mesmerising. Her
demure frame is no match for the boldness, terror or joy she can fill any theatre
or film frame with. An intelligent and sensitive individual, she is fearless as an actor, and a delight to work with. I know that she is as good as any RSC actor,
past or current, and I dare them to test my hypothesis."
Gillian Morrison, Thought Out Media

“Danielle is an extremely dedicated actress, with great talent. She has much
respect for her colleagues and is always keen to help. She would be
an asset on any production.”
Laura Pearson-Smith, Actress, Presenter and Writer
"Danielle is a multi task performer with a great talent. Very creative, full of initiative and very quick in mastering new skills. She is also very committed and reliable."
Laura Pasetti, Artistic Director, Charioteer Theatre

“Danielle is an extremely passionate performer who fully engages with a project
and responds intelligently to text. She has a special talent for delivering
heightened and poetic dialogue with sensitivity and credibility.”
Rob David, Resident Writer, Tightlaced Theatre

“I worked with Danielle on a film project and found her to be immensely
professional and talented. On a personal level she is intelligent and articulate,
one of the easiest and most charming actresses I have worked with. Someone
I whole heartedly recommend in the professional and personal field.”
James Clark, James Clark media make up