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November saw the epic production that was THE LAST DAYS OF MANKIND at Leith Theatre - see below right for links to reviews and reactions!


At Frank Gilhooley's Masterclass in December, among great work with fantastic people, Headshots Scotland visited, setting up quickly with just 10 mins. per participant. I am delighted with their excellent results, one of which you can see opposite...

I highly recommend Headshots Scotland, and also Frank Gilhooley's classes, which really open people up to make connections, within ourselves as well as with others.


This new Science Fiction podcast has just launched with episode zero, which includes a number of stories from Scotland's award-winning Science Fiction magazine Shoreline of Infinity.

In the inaugural episode of Soundwave, I narrate 'A Choice for the Golden Age', and the final piece - 'Other Colours' - is a festive treat. Enjoy!

And as I am writing this in time for the holidays,
you can find a cheery festive image here.

Have a wonderful celebratory season and I hope to see you in the New Year!
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The Last Days of Mankind: 4 & 5 stars!

"spectacular... a series of stunning images to illustrate the text... a mighty theatrical feat"   The Herald - Neil Cooper

"a thrilling sense of occasion and momentum... a biting, superbly-performed score... huge, brilliantly-blended visual images of the war"   The Scotsman - Joyce McMillan

"a musical and artistic triumph... Hard hitting and impactful... several scenes brought a lump to the throat and the last 20 minutes of the play are worth the ticket price alone"   Commonspace - Professor John Davis

"powerful anti-war play... stroke of genius... superb cast... highly relevant"   Edinburgh Guide - Irene Brown

More reviews + responses on here, incl:
"astounding" "brilliant" "passionate" "amazing" "stunning"   "incredible"   "fantastic"   "moving"   "epic"
David Ho - Headshots Scotland