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"Danielle Farrow's seamless handling of iambic pentameter and comic versatility lights up
the stage whenever she's present."
EDFRINGE.COM - Barry Woods  (Shakespeare)

"Spice comes from the relationship... Mr Godden and Miss Farrow
fairly set the stage alight... Their understanding of the language,
combined with strong stage presence, allows them to build a real
sense of character. The ebb and flow of a central argument scene
between them is superbly played. They master all the subtleties of
surface formality while creating a wickedly observed scene
familiar to any domestic argument."
EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS - Thom Dibdin  (Restoration)

"Danielle Farrow show[s] real flair and versatility in her three
roles as Cerimon, Fisherwoman and a very strong Bawd."
REVIEWS GATE - Thelma Good  (Shakespeare)
"The acting is absolutely stellar... Prospero was the highlight of the cast... Danielle
Farrow perfectly gets across his stroppiness and controlling manner rather than simply
portraying him as a damaged hero." TV BOMB - Becca Inglis

"Danielle Farrow is on fine form as Prospero, fully in command of the Bardic language and
bringing the merest hint of a mad inventor to her role." FRINGE GURU - Richard Stamp

"The four actresses were excellent: confident and word-sure... [and] strong
characterisations left the audience in no doubt as to who was who."
HI-ARTS - Steve Coomber (Shakespeare - cast of 4, various distinct roles)

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"Danielle Farrow is excellent as The Woman... [She also plays] the star of the show... a
deep red dress with gold lace trims and highlights. Farrow’s success is that she makes you
believe that this is the sort of dress which transforms the person who puts it on. They
don’t so much wear it, as it is the dress which wears them - a skin that has its own entity
and just needs flesh and bones over which to settle."
"Farrow is a highlight... as she flits
between the sweat-drenched wiles
of the mistress and the cowed
nervousness of the wife. Whether
moving hypnotically in a dance of
seduction as one, or twitchily
evading the therapist’s questions as
the other, her versatile performance
is unstrained and engrossing."
[She is also] "the most powerful
character in this provocatively
sensual and compelling new work -
The Dress itself." 
"Performances are equally controlled and impressive, with the 9-strong cast demonstrating
great ability to portray nuances of emotion and inner motivation. Particularly strong are
[Marion] Shortt herself and Danielle Farrow in the ‘Sisters’ thread, with Shortt’s clipped
and frustration-borne performance as a member of the ground staff contrasting with
Farrow’s wide-eyed and childlike portrayal of her psychologically-damaged sibling. This
piece is the core of In Transit and is written and performed excellently, resulting in a
moving and memorable backbone to the whole production." 

"Farrow’s transition between innocent housewife and whore was both engaging and
comical, bouncing off [Andrew] Henry’s hapless Doctor and sleazy husband." 
TVBOMB - Jenni Gould

"A beautiful performance and I really enjoyed the piece. Danielle captured the words and
character(s) so well, made them her own and she has such a great presence on stage. So
glad I made it along."
Andrew Corelli, Director, Siege Perilous

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“Danielle is a fine actress and a lot of fun to work with.”
Nancy Bishop, Nancy Bishop Casting

"Danielle is a multi task performer with a great talent. Very creative, full of initiative and
very quick in mastering new skills. She is also very committed and reliable."
Laura Pasetti, Artistic Director, Charioteer Theatre

"Danielle has worked with me on a short and a feature*. She is a bright, talented actor, a
true professional and a pleasure to direct."    [*Now 2 features]
David Hutchison, Film Maker, Eyedoll Productions

“Danielle is an extremely passionate performer who fully engages with a project and
responds intelligently to text. She has a special talent for delivering heightened and
poetic dialogue with sensitivity and credibility.”
Rob David, Resident Writer, Tightlaced Theatre

"Danielle Farrow is an extraordinary actor who is genuinely mesmerising. Her demure
frame is no match for the boldness, terror or joy she can fill any theatre or film frame
with. An intelligent and sensitive individual, she is fearless as an actor, and a delight to
work with. I know that she is as good as any RSC actor, past or current, and I dare them
to test my hypothesis."
Gillian Morrison, Thought Out Media

“I worked with Danielle on a film project and found her to be immensely professional and
talented. On a personal level she is intelligent and articulate, one of the easiest and most
charming actresses I have worked with. Someone I whole heartedly recommend in the
professional and personal field.”
James Clark, James Clark media make up

“Danielle is an extremely dedicated actress, with great talent. She has much respect for
her colleagues and is always keen to help. She would be an asset on any production.”
Laura Pearson-Smith, Actress, Presenter and Writer

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